Vee-Launcher is a Windows application designed to be used via a remote control on HTPC systems.

It's main purpose is to provide access to applications and features of the operating system via short-cuts to those functions, in much the same way as supported by the Windows operating system itself.

If you have used similar software, you will no doubt be familiar with the problem of having to dedicate remote control keys to individual programs. In addition, you need to remember how all those keys are assigned. Vee-Launcher does away with all of that through an intuitive and easy-to-navigate interface that appears and disappears when you need it to. This approach requires a minimal assignment of your precious remote control keys since it relies almost exclusively on the standard remote keys 'left', 'right', 'up', 'down' and 'OK'. Because of that fact, it is ideal for using with very basic remote controls such as those that are available as smartphone applications.

The main program interface is a revolving Carousel of images, known as Tokens, where each Token represents a short-cut. Tokens may be organised into logical groupings for easy access and are entirely user-configurable, as is the appearance of the Carousel itself.

Vee-Launcher works on all versions of Windows after and including XP
T a k e     C o n t r o l     o f     y o u r      H T P C